Wylin Cause I'm Young - Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West



I like how his face turns to “take it” to “nigga if you don’t take this gum…”

That nigguh

Mmm babe


Pumpkin spice durag

I think I reached the point where I am done with Apple entirely.

Fuck iTunes, fuck iPods, fuck iPads, fuck all that shit.

Do they still sell/make Zunes?

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Common is so imporant.

By odashinsuke.

hibachi1 replied to your post:Used Gamestop game cases are so goddamn ugly. …

If I like the game enough I always rebuy it on ebay if I can’t find the original box/cover art and give the spare copy to a friend or relative.

I normally try to get my games on Amazon if they are cheaper and available, if not Gamestop is the last resort. If all they have is the used game case I ask to just get the game in the paper sleeve if it’s a disc or just the cartridge if it’s a DS game. Unless it’s a Vita game because those things are so small I don’t want to lose them.

I Only Dunk 2-Hand Hanger - Viper The Rapper

Used Gamestop game cases are so goddamn ugly.

Just looking at the games I own and then I see that thing staring back at me makes me mad…

Masked Dedede - Jun Ishikawa & Hirokazu Ando

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Pokeball - Pokemon